Chet Atkins - Chetboard

Online meeting place for Chet Atkins fans.
Discuss his life and music, and the fingerstyle guitar work of Chet
and other great players like
Merle Travis, Jerry Reed and Paul Yandell.

Eddie Pennington

"Eddie is a great Merle Travis style player and entertainer.
People love his music everywhere he goes."

- Paul Yandell -

Craig Dobbins

Get tab to my tunes from Craig Dobbins book:

Gretsch - Artist Interview Archive

An interview with Paul by Gretsch Guitars

Sullivan Guitars

The home of quality handmade guitars,
handbuilt by luthier and master craftsman Jim Sullivan.

Acoustic Guitar Corner

Acoustic Guitar Accessories including acoustic guitar pickup systems,
pre-amps and acoustic guitar amplifiers.


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