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Hello and welcome to my Studio9KC photography website. Launched in October 2012 it is a place where I display some of the photographs I have taken over the years as an amateur photographer. Most of my work is Cornwall landscape photography and Cornwall seascape photography but there are a few shots from outside of the county. The website is a work in progress and over time as I sort through my collection and as it builds I hope to to include something that will be of interest to most people who visit the site.

Thank you for visiting my website and I welcome any comments regarding the site or just a simple "hello" message would be much appreciated.

Thank you, Trevor Rabey

Photo Categories

My photos originally fell into four main categories, Landscapes, Seascapes, Heritage and Wood, Water, Stone. In some cases there will inevitably be an overlap between sections when for example a seascape contains a swathe of land or vice versa or a photo in my heritage section happens to be an interesting landscape. A brief description of the aims of each category is set out below. In January 2020 I introduced a fifth category, "Night Time".




A collection of landscape photos and also studies of trees, foliage and flowers. Most of the locations are within my native Cornwall but there are also shots from destinations further afield but all within the UK. Cornwall has some extremes in terms of landscape type from tranquil woodlands to wide open moorland to the rugged remains of industries past and present.

Left - Luxulyan Viaduct




Living in Cornwall I am surrounded by miles of beautiful coastline so a collection of seascapes is an obvious choice. After living in Cornwall nearly all of my life there are still many coves and inlets to discover and explore. Some locations have been photographed by many people and widely displayed but I make no apology for including my own composition of a scene to help the beauty of Cornwall's coast be enjoyed by all.

Left - Bedruthan Steps




This collection attempts to capture some of Cornwall's rich industrial heritage. In west Cornwall tin and copper was mined in the 18th and 19th century and in mid Cornwall China Clay was discovered in 1746 by William Cookworthy and is still mined today. Mining, although a source of wealth within the county, leaves a legacy of a somewhat scarred landscape but the scarring and the relics from the past provide an insight into our heritage.

Left - Luxulyan Valley


Water Wood and Stone

Water Wood and Stone

Water, wood and stone are the three things that I believe work well together in a natural landscape and also in our own gardens or a park. There are many places where all three come together and provide a place of beauty and a scene to capture on camera. In this collection there are general shots of water, wood and stone, sometimes all together and sometimes separately and also closer studies of each of them.

Left - Golitha Falls.


Feb 2024

Aerial Gallery 1
King Alfred's Tower - 1 Photo
River Tamar Bridges - 1 Photo
River Lynher Forder Viaduct - 1 Photo
Looe Banjo Pier - 1 Photo

Landscape Gallery 17
St.Dominick - 1 Photo
River Tamar Bridges - 2 Photos
Calstock Viaduct - 1 Photo

Wildlife Gallery 3
Herring Gulls - 1 Photo
Black-Headed Gull -1 Photo
Mute Swan - 1 Photo
Teal Duck - 1 Photo

Oct 2012

This website has been a long time in the making but finally after many weeks and tweaks the site launched on October 1st. 2012.

Although the site has been road tested there will be the inevitable whoopsy that has been missed. So if you find something that does not work please do let me know.

Locations to shoot

As well as presenting my photographs I also want to see your photographs, so I have included details of some of the places of interest and how to get there so that you can capture those scenes too.

Please visit the "Locations" page for details but below is a taster of the places included.

Holywell Bay
Holywell Bay
Carn Grey
Carn Grey

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